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Dated: 05/27/2014

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On, the next two blogs I decided to do something that doesn't deal with real estate.  I wanted to write something near and dear to my heart  burritos. Since, I had my first burrito at Chipotle or California tortilla back in Maryland; I fell in love with them. Since, I moved back home to the Dayton area two years ago, I had to find new burritos restaurants. Here are the first four that I have tried since coming home. Being a realtor I tend to eat out a lot so I love to try different restaurants.
  1. Chipotle is the standard bearer in burrito making. They are very efficient in how they make their burritos. Plus, depending on that time of day, you sometimes encounter very long lines. What I love about Chipotle is that you can pick what you want on your burrito. Their food is always very fresh and crunchy. I’m one of the few people who like fajita mix on a burrito because it adds a lovely crunch to the softness of the rice. Other than the long lines, I really like Chipotle; however they do have a mobile ordering app for Apple and Android. As much as I on my phone I should use it.  
  2. Hot Head Burritos- When I tried their burrito, I didn’t like them. It took several additional trips before I started to like them. The reason it took me so long to like their burrito was because they are saltier than Chipotle. The spicy sauce is what makes it saltier and it can overpower the burrito. One thing most people do not know about me is that I love spicy foods.  Hot Head Burritos is the place where you can get a burrito spicy as you want it. You can add banana peppers, jalapeno peppers and various amount of hot sauces on your burrito.  I also love there cookies, they are always soft.  I have to hide them from my kids because they love there taste too. I love Hot Head Burrito so much that they have free card program and I have already filled up three cards.
On, my next burrito blog I will talk about Taqueria Mixteca and Taco Bell. Until next time, have a burrito!
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