18 Best Tips For Moving

Dated: 03/31/2014

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18 Best Tips for Moving

Start Early.  It’s never too early to begin planning for your move. Start getting moving quotes to compare prices and services, and start planning how you’ll pack your home.

Purge before you pack.  Typically, the less you move, the less you pay. So sell, donate, or throw away belongings you no longer need or want.
Research moving companies.  Look at consumer review websites like the Better Business Bureau or Epinions.com, and ask questions on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to find reputable moving services. 
Move on an off-peak day.  You’ll find that moving on a weekday during the beginning of the month will typically be cheaper than moving over the weekend during the end of the month. 
Pay for the space you use.  Consider choosing a flexible moving option that lets you pay for exactly how much space you use. The less space you use, the less you pay for your move. 
Calculate the cost of fuel.  Before you decide on a rental truck, check how much you will pay for fuel.
Make a moving binder.  Keep important documents, receipts, and your moving quotes all together in a moving binder.
Follow a moving checklist.  There’s no better way to stay on task before, during, and after your move than with a checklist. 
Get moving supplies.  Experienced movers recommend using boxes that were designed for moving household goods rather than used “grocery store” boxes.
Learn what not to move.  There are certain things you cannot move in the trailer, like live plants, cleaning fluids, and antiques. 
Label everything.  The key to knowing which boxes goes where is a permanent marker. Label boxes according to what room each one holds. Or, number the boxes and keep up with what number goes with what room in your moving binder. Remember to label each side of the box so you can read the labels when the boxes are stacked.
Create an “Open Me First” box.  This includes things you will need immediately for moving in, like paper plates, cups, and napkins, plastic cutlery, paper towels, cleaning supplies, pet food and bowls, scissors, toilet paper, soap, tool box, etc. Keep this box with you as you travel to your new home, not in the moving trailer. 
Forward your mail.  Fill out the change of address form at your local post office or online at usps.com.
Leave your contact info.  Even though you’ve filled out the change of address form, some pieces of mail might not make it to your new location. Cover your bases and leave your forwarding address at your former home. If you feel uneasy about letting the new owners know where you’ve moved, get a post office box in your new city for a few months.
Tell your friends you’re moving.  Keep everyone in the loop of your move by sending them a change of address ecard. 
Transfer utilities. 

Don’t forget Fido!  If you have pets, you’ll want to ensure that they are prepared for moving day, too.
Gather records.  This includes medical, dental, veterinary, and school records. Keep these records in a safe spot during the move so you can easily transfer the records to your new doctor, dentist, vet, and school for your children.
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