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Dated: 02/10/2015

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These are the steps to purchasing a home in the Dayton and her surrounding areas of Ohio. 

The steps to buying a home:

- Get pre-approved

- Find a realtor…someone you like, someone who is compatible with your personality.

- Start the home search process.   A good realtor will be able to take you through homes of your choice.  If the realtor has gotten a good idea of your personality, dislikes or likes, in a home, that realtor can possibly suggest some homes for you to see.

- Find the home and write a contract. The realtor’s job is to work to get the best deal for you.  Of course in this market, there is going to be some compromise that has to be made on both sides, both the seller and the buyer.  The lender will require from the buyer additional paperwork to substantiate the information that was garnered during the pre-approval process in order to prove creditworthiness.

- Inspections and appraisals.  The inspections are to ensure that the home is safe and sound. It is, also, to provide the buyer with a good knowledge of what the homes is all about.  Then the appraisal purpose is to determine whether the home is really worth the amount on the contract.  If so, great.  If not, renegotiation of the purchase price is done but no worries.  A good realtor will work the buyer through the process and help to allay any fears. Then the buyer is able to purchase the home of the buyer’s dreams or, at least, the dream home for the next 5 to 7 years.  The first home is generally not the last home.

- The final step is underwriting.  Underwriting’s purpose is to ensure that the contract, the buyer and the home all make sense. You may have to jump through some hoops but once it’s been approved by them, the buyer is on the way to getting the keys to that great home.

- Finally, the closing. This is where lots of paperwork is signed by the buyer and a smaller amount of documents for the seller signature.  Then, the keys are passed from seller to buyer.  Congratulations, you own your new HOME!


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