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Dated: 01/06/2014

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Happy New Year!!  I love the new year because it is a great time to reanalyze my life and decide if things are going as planned in all areas . It is sort of a reflection period to regroup and make changes in myself and reflect how I want my life to be. I have some goals for my career, my personal life, and my physical self! I am committing to losing 20 pounds before my wedding in late March by following the Atkins diet.
Fifteen years ago, I had just had my third child in five years and needed to lose the weight that I had accumulated! I was miserable and had no energy ! I really needed energy to handle the kids and start my real estate career.  I had always tried the low fat, high carb diets and had terrible results. I joined weight loss programs to no avail.  I was extremely exhausted and had mind fog, no energy, depression, and just overall did not feel alive. I did not know it at the time, but eating the traditional way was actually the worst thing for me! I have issues with bread and sugar that I realized when I stopped eating them.  I wanted to lose weight so badly so I started running and managed to run 6 miles a day....still hardly any weight loss.  Then something amazing happened. I was talking with my neighbor and he was telling me about this "new" diet that he had started and that he had lost 20 pounds in a few weeks! I was interested. He then told me he was eating bacon and eggs every day as well as steaks, and hamburgers, chicken wings and on and on! I actually thought the diet sounded like a treat! He explained to me the concept of the atkins diet. Basically it is based on blood sugar levels and insulin. The diet allows up 20 carbs per day in the "induction" phase. It is so simple so don't panic! Basically it is protein foods, like a eggs and bacon for breakfast or a protein shake with almond milk in the blender or an omelet, just no bread, sugar, ceral, ect, for lunch have a salad with real dressing and some type of meat with it, for dinner have a steak and broccoli or spinach and a salad.  Here is a link to the website.
Long story short. It was the answer for me. The only diet that gave me so much energy and helped me lose 50 pounds fifteen years ago. It changed me. The best part about it was regaining my energy, losing the brain fog, and regaining my confidence back. I have made this a permanent lifestyle change. If I gain some weight, I just recommit to the induction phase until I lose the weight again.  Now, Atkins is well known. I have been doing this for 15 years and can say it is a great way to lose weight. 
In a nutshell, here’s how Atkins works:
You eat a bit more protein—think chicken, fish, shellfish, pork, beef, and tofu; more olive oil, butter, avocado, and other delectable fats that give food flavor; and lots of leafy greens and other vegetables.
You initially hold off on higher-carb vegetables, as well as fruit and whole grains.
You omit starchy, sugary carbohydrate foods low in nutrients, such as bagels and sweetened breakfast cereals.
I love success stories!! Below is a link to some!
I am very excited to achieve my goals this year. I have several other friends and fellow Realtors that are also following this diet with amazing results! If you need motivation or have questions I would love to help! We all only have one chance to llive our lives so we may as well look and feel our best! Best wishes for 2014!

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