Be Safe And Save Money Using A Space Heater

Dated: 12/09/2013

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Many people write-off space heaters as dangerous, expensive, inefficient appliances for keeping warm. In truth, they can be a good idea from time to time when used well.  
The humble space heater gets a bad rap, but when used correctly it can actually represent a good option for taking the edge off the winter chill.

Here are some tips about how to safely use a space heater and when it’s a good choice:  
  • Are you heating a whole house when the family is concentrated in the living room? Turn down the central heat and use a modern space heater rather than heat the empty rooms.   
  • A space heater can be a wise choice when you live in an uninsulated or poorly insulated home.   
  • Avoid unvented combustion space heaters. Instead, look for electric space heaters, preferably with a fan to circulate the hot air.  
  • Never plug a space heater into an extension cord.   
  • Maintain three feet of clear space around the heater in all directions. Be aware of loose rugs, blankets, or other potentially flammable objects nearby.   
  • Unplug your space heater when no one is around to keep an eye on it.   
  • Do not use a space heater in a damp room (i.e. bathroom!) unless it is specifically designed for outdoor or bathroom use.   
  • Don’t hide the space heater electrical cord where it might get torn or degraded under foot. Run it where it is visible, but does not create a tripping hazard.   
  • If you’re shopping for a space heater, consider this handy Consumer Reports buying guide:  
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