Blessed Beyond Measure

Dated: 12/27/2017

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        I am truly blessed beyond measure.  I have a very loving and supportive husband  and an amazing daughter that I am supper proud of.  We have a wonderful home this year and we were able to host Thanksgiving and Christmas with all of the families. Its been such a blessed year and I am forever grateful for taking the leap into real estate.  I have found a second Family at Realty Central, I have found the place at which my personality fits in perfect.  I am so thankful for David and Jackie Cooper for guiding this rookie agent and having my best interest at heart.  Bella Hart brings such hard work and dedication to the office, I just love watching her work her magic.  Jordan Hart the comic relief you bring to the office is unmeasurable.  Paul Gray, you and Jerry are one of a kind don't ever change and keep bringing Jerry to the office, it keeps the vibes going.  Amy Cooper I  just love you and your little mini me, sharing an office with you is pretty cool I like our corner (ps. I wish you would come in the office more when I am there, but I understand Kids keep you busy). Leigh Ellerbrock I so enjoy you and wish you would stop in the office more to harass Paul and Brandon them boys need it you know. Michael Moler you sir need to visit the office more often also, I  so get a kick out of your stories and you always smell so fresh and so clean.. :)   Brandon Landis to the son I never had, my daughter will kick your but just saying. ;)   But for real I enjoy our competitiveness, you keep this old woman on her toes.  Steve Schuler, I so appreciate you and look forward to working with you more in 2018.  Andrew Strozier  thank you, thank you, thank you for your expertise in open houses I so learned a lot working on Tanyard with you.   To the newest agent in the office Bill Bracey  I have enjoyed leaders edge training with you and look forward to working with you in 2018. 

       2017 has been wonderful to me in my new adventure in Real Estate I look forward to bigger and better things to come in 2018. 


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Amanda Dahlinghaus

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