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Dated: 07/25/2017

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    With this market as hot as it is the thought of buying a home for myself was the last thing on my mind, as a new agent. But one of the things that I have repeated as a new agent to the buyers that I have came in contact with is are you Pre-approved? Do you have a pre-approval letter? Do you Know how much you can afford? Are you currently working with a mortgage company? In this fast paced sellers market the buyer has to be pre-approved to make that first firm offer and a Pre-Approval letter is a good start. So here I am preaching over and over to buyer after buyer about the importance of the pre-approval process and my husband and I haven't even began the process ourselves.  I was raised that you should not run your mouth bout things you are not confident about. So what better way to ensure my buyers that the process is as easy as I am saying it is, but for us to get pre approved ourselves. 

     So as I wrestle with the thought of doing this, my fear for me was my credit. I have learned from my mistakes and battled back from identity theft and poor judgement with roommates and every other financial mistake one could make in there twenties. My fear was that with all that i had done it still wouldn't be good enough for a home. I have talked myself into finally reaching out to a mortgage company after a YPN-Dayton Realtors event at the DABR. I had the pleasure of talking with a gentleman that work for MCS mortgage Mark Million, after i explained my reasoning for wanting to go through the process for myself so I am able to help my buyers more understand the importance of the pre-approval process. So with a little phone tag over the next couple of days Mark and I finally connected and talked on the phone for maybe 30-45 minutes to get my husband and I 's information he had a pre-approval just like that.  And was able to give me some information on my credit report that I could look into. (which I did and is being removed off my credit report) My husband was shocked at what we could afford, we both agreed we didn't want to go the full amount we were pre approved, but it gave us a bargaining tool to use if we came across a multiple offer deal on a house if we really feel in love with one. 

    So the search for the perfect home for us in Waynesville was on like donkey Kong,  with a number in mind thanks to the pre-approval it helped keep the search to where we wanted to be. The house that i fell in love with hit the market the same week i found out what we were pre-approved for. I made the showing time for that Friday just 2 days after it came on the market. I fell in love the moment I walked through the door and knowing we could write an offer that day was even more rewarding. Convincing my husband was the challenge. We talked all night Friday and by the time the Waynesville fourth of july parade was over on Saturday, we had made our way back to my brokers house to discuss putting an offer on our first home. It took about an hour to summit our offer. Because of the pre-approval i could go in with a strong offer that hopefully would appeal to the seller. Which it worked in less than 24 hours the seller had accepted our offer. In this market it goes that quick. By the time the fourth of July was over we were under contract to by our first home. And yes folks even my husband is impressed how quick and easy the process is. He had heard such horror stories from friends and family, But when you don't have your ducks all in a row and an agent not willing to prepare you for whats to come things tend to get stressful. So lets make the home buying process as fun and stress free like ours has been. Get that pre-approval today!   

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