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Dated: 02/02/2014

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     So there it is. The house you have been renting for three years, the house you thought was your dream house suddenly now is being sold by the Landlord to a commercial developer.  You were told you had thirty days to vacate so now what?
     You and your loved one always wanted to own a home. You were tired of hearing how you could never paint that forest themed room, and you were upset that you couldn't have that pet snake you always wanted, but how do you make the transition from renter to owner?  Thirty days is not long consdering you don't have a clue as to what you need to do to become a home owner. So here are some tips from Cupid himself as to how to stay "In love" while trying to take that big step.
     This Holiday is about LOVE. The fact that you have decided to make that big decision of buying, shows that you and your significant other are taking this step because you actually like each other and want to be with each other, meaning you want to live with each other.  So communication is going to be a vital necessity here.

Remember that buying a house is a temendous life changing event and also a huge monetary commitment. So here are some tips to keeping the love while buying your new home.
1) Understand and know your finances. (together and separately)
     If both of you are able to sit down and find a happy medium in what it is that you want, then you are able to understand what you can afford.  That will be the golden ticket in assuring the relationship doesn't crumble in the midst of uncertainty.  Knowing what you have monthly to put forth so that you do not struggle with the rest of the living expenses cuts the stress in half.  It puts you right where you need to be when looking at the properties you know you can afford.
     Understand what type of loan is right for you.  Do you like the adjustable arm rate mortgages or the conventional 30 year fixed mortgage?  Do you even understand the words I just typed? If you can understand the math and are able to weigh the pros and cons of the different ones out there, then you have a better understanding of what your family can do to make your dream home become a reality.
     Get pre-approved NOW! Taking the time to get pre-approved, you both present to a mortgage professional your credit and debt-to-income ratio, then you will know then what kind of loan, if any, you are likely to qualify for as a couple. You also advance to “serious buyer” status and your offer will carry much more weight.  
2)  Write down what each of you "MUST HAVE."
      Here is a great chance to play the newly wed game and  take the time to ask each other questions of what it is you both need or want in a home. But understanding what it is that you NEED in a house as opposed to what you WANT, will help keep you on track and not working against each other when searching. Both you and your partner should make this list, and take the time to discuss the issues that are before you, as to why you need this or why you don't need that.  All this should be done before house-hunting begins. What you really don’t want to do is to be at open houses, arguing about counter-tops or shower stalls versus bathroom tub styles. What starts out as a light-hearted difference of opinion, can turn quickly into a death-match.
3) Shop around!
         Now is the time to finally play match up.  Trying to match a home that the two of you can agree upon as far as what it has to have, and not have, now you are ready to hit the MLS.  Writing down the homes that work for you with perhaps a little difference here, at least gives you the piece of mind in knowing what criteria you need to make a peaceful sound decision.  That alone will let you sleep well at night.
4) Time for reinforcement
      Now that you have made it through the madness and learned how to communicate even better with your partner, this is where you call me to get the ball rolling. I can take it from here and get what needs to be done while you can continue with the even more important things in life. Like how your going to get the stain out of the carpet from where the dog decided to have some wine from your glass.... and if that deposit will make it back to your hands now.
     So here is to Love in the air, and relationships that stand the test of time.  Here is to the house hunting, and keeping true love together.....on your affordable dime.
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