Fall Is Prep Time

Dated: 09/03/2013

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The cool, crisp morning and evening air signal one thing.  Fall is almost upon us.
Fall is my favorite time of year.  I think of bonfires, horseback riding on the many trails in the Dayton area, and yes, the coming of winter.

When I think of winter, I think of the good things; Dayton has many fun winter activities.
But,  I also think of my home.  Winter can be hard on us and our homes, but there are ways to make it easier.
It’s time to start thinking of those things that make our home warm and welcoming during the hard winter months.  Here are three things to consider.
1.  First, and most obvious is the furnace.  “An obvious but often overlooked item is changing your furnace filter” says Dave, with First Rate Home Services.  Lack of filter changing can cause damage to the furnace and add to the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.
2.  Have your water heater flushed and your anode rod checked also.  This will improve the efficiency of your hot water.
3.  Change the batteries in your smoke alarm and your carbon monoxide detector.  Also, according to Dave, carbon monoxide detectors do expire.  If it’s older than three years, replace it for your safety.
Stay tuned for more winter preparation ideas.
If you are looking for more tips and great service in the Dayton and surrounding areas, check out www.firstratehomeservices.com for money-saving plans.

Kathy Robertson
Realty Central
Realty Central is a fast growing, cutting edge company in the Dayton area.  I specialize in working with buyers and sellers in the rural areas surrounding Dayton.  I have a particular focus on helping horse owners find property to meet their unique needs.

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